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    Anónimo preguntó: Your last post... Do you have the video of that? I think it is the video of Mou in the press conference yesterday for the Bayern game

    Of course ;) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIqZYPEdMIg

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    Sing Chelsea everyone &lt;3 ("It&#8217;s white, but it&#8217;s Chelsea")

    Sing Chelsea everyone <3 ("It’s white, but it’s Chelsea")

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    Mouzard &lt;3

    Mouzard <3

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  7. Real Madrid - Wonderwall

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    Jose Mourinho Simply The Best: Jose Mourinho feliz con el entusiasmo de la plantilla

  9. José Mourinho’s first press conference at Chelsea, 10.06.2013 

  10. Hasta siempre, José by realesparta

    To hear “We have reached an agreement with Jose Mourinho to terminate the relationship at the end of the season” has been more painful than living through all the losses of the past three years. I was speechless, the tears did not stop streaming from my eyes. I stayed pulseless and breathless, I was destroyed…I just wanted to turn back time and feel like what I felt on May 31, 2010, the day he spoke his first words as Real Madrid, no doubt, one of the happiest days of my life. Everything was behind his figure: my passion, my dream, my desire to win and with hundreds of madridistas, dunk in the legendary Jose Mourinho .

    There is no explanation, no sense that the best sports project we’ve had in years, comes to an end by a “mutual agreement,” of which I’m sure was facilitated by the pressure and intervention of third parties who wanted to regain the power they lost after Mou’s arrival. It is incomprehensible that in these times we speak of chiefs, sacred cows, dedocracias, dictatorships and other evils of long standing, but it is what is and it is our miserable reality.

    I hope you do not judge me and give me lessons of madridismo, because I have  followed Real Madrid for 16 years and I have lived though good moments, bad moments, average moments and I have all the right in the world to say that yesterday, May 20 2013, Real Madrid committed one of the worst mistakes in its history; the exit of the Portuguese marks the return of the dictatorship of the locker room, the technicians who are figurines painted on the wall where the lineups leak hours before game…the damn communion between players and reporters that has done so much damage to us, the politics of playing by decree rather than by merit. It is not necessary for me to dwell much on this point, because any rational person understands this situation. For these reasons, on May 31st, my dream was not only reflected in my admiration for Jose Mourinho, but also because I knew that everything was going to be different. And it was…while he could.

    Although many people hate to admit, because their hatred, resentment, envy and other reprehensible feelings will not let them see beyond their noses, Mourinho brought back to all of us the pride in our team, the desire to never give up, to fight and fight for what we considered fair, he took us from that dark and submissive past, and unveiled an astoundingly epic present that united us together. What times! In which we were all hanging on his press conferences, of the thousand and one truths he said left and right, leaving mass suicides of the “journalists” at every press room he was in. He left us hanging even on his chewing gum, his celebrations, his laughter and anger in training, we adopted his words in our everyday vocabulary and we were happy, very happy; for me, those things are worth more than a title…that a coach arrives and changes the mentality and identity of an institution and defends our team, either with a piece of paper with thirteen mistakes of the referee, or with alleged irregularities in whichever competition and above all, puts the integrity of his players before his…this does not have a price and I can assure you that no other coach will ever do this.

    Judging is very easy; now, those who chanted his name when he arrived, now criticize him, and they may argue that it was a failure of Mourinho’s technical direction, but I do not think so. Mourinho set a historic precedent of great magnitude that materialized in statistics and notable facts: under his leadership, we won the Copa del Rey after 18 years without success, won la liga by breaking records (100 points and 121 goals last year)—a mark that will be surpassed with great difficulty—; he made “the best team in the history of football,” Pep’s Barcelona, kneel so bad that he fled Spain because he couldn’t stand that Mourinho had buried the “tiki-taka” (which by the way, these days is immersed in Messi’s vomit); he changed the mentality of some players, who in the hands of other coaches would have abandoned their careers as footballers; he left behind the ‘alcorconazos,’ the painful falls in the second round of Champions League; he totally isolated the press and allowed the independence and autonomy of the club; he left us a prodigious legacy with these counterattacks that only Madrid can do; thanks to him, he brought back the magical nights of Champions Leagues, we went back to dreaming, believing, regardless of the bad luck and other factors that are already known by all, we have been tricked. And it does not mean that for all these reasons you have to talk about ‘failure’; it is the contrary: while he was in charge, we conceived and witnessed a clear idea of ​​a football club, not a circus.

    Unfortunately some ‘madridistas’ have selective memory and are limited only to repeat the nonsense they read in the pamphlets of the press. Thus they don’t know how to value the great transformation that this Madrid had in the recent years.

    I do not want to expand more, I just want to say that I admire and deeply respect Jose Mourinho, for enduring so many humiliations, persecutions, calumnies, outrages directed to him and to his family, rudeness and treachery of some players and team officials, etc.. It’s so sad all that he had to endure simply for wanting to be a different person, not being hypocritical, to say things as they are, for having the intention to become great and insurmountable…this institution did not deserve it, it doesn’t know how to value it and it didn’t want to keep it. In time, he will be missed, but it will be too late, because he will be with those who truly love him, doing what he likes and in decent conditions. For completeness, we not only lost to Mou, but also the ‘special staff’ Aitor, Rui, Silvino, Morais; thank you to them and thereupon whatever course they take they will triumph because they were fundamental to all that we lived through in these three years. ¡Son los putos amos!

    It remains for me to express the following: long live mourinhismo, caralho!, long live the ‘tarados,’ the sons of ‘don imprescidible,’ the privileged members of Real Madrid underground, the jihad mourinhista, who fought to the end for the idea of ​​a different Madrid. More than the group of people it is a way of living and thinking, thus we are unique.

    Thanks to the phenomenon that developed around his figure, I met wonderful people who have shaped my life forever, for them a big hug; I do not feel bad, because I know that Mou would like for us to be well.

    Today more than ever Hala Madrid! And long live…Jose Mourinho, the greatest of all the world.

    When there are too many reasons, words fail you and you have a lump in the throat, the least you can do is summarize it all: Thank you for everything, José Mário dos Santos Félix Mourinho! The emptiness that is left is great, but we fully understand your reasons. Thank you for existing and being who you are, be happy as you deserve, you will be forever in our hearts, wherever you go, we’ll be there with you.

    As I have always maintained: “I know that you lose people, but me, you have forever.”


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    Hasta siempre, Jose Mourinho

    ¡Hasta Siempre José! un escrito que hice con todo mi corazón y con la impotencia de una madridista que quería lo mejor para su equipo.

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  14. MOUments (Real Madrid - Levante) 06/04/2013

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    Cowboy Mou ♥

    Cowboy Mou ♥



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